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Shorewatch data review

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2015 was a great year! Our committed volunteers continued to carry out watches during wind, rain and snow.
We also welcomed some fantastic new volunteers to the team. Thank you to everyone for your effort throughout 2015. It is thanks to you we can continue to protect whales and dolphins.

“It has been a very exciting year to work on the Shorewatch
programme. So many Shorewatch volunteers have gone above and beyond for the programme from collecting record numbers of watches, helping out at events, setting up their own events, fundraising and working on their own Shorewatch research. To add we have seen Shorewatch data being used to benefit and protect whales and dolphins”
Katie Dyke, conservation officer, WDC
During 2015 we had a grand total of 1190 sightings. The majority of these sightings were bottlenose dolphins (74%) and most were recorded from the East coast of Scotland.
However from the small number of Shorewatch sites we have
on the West coast, North coast and Outer Hebrides we had an impressive amount of sightings making up 24% of all the sightings.
74% of sightings were bottlenose dolphin
Sightings from the east coast are dominated by bottlenose dolphins where the dominant species to be sighted on the west coast is porpoise along with some other very exciting species, like beaked whales and orca.

WREN would like to thank the following organisations for their support:
Scottish Natural Heritage
The European Agriculture fund for Rural Development. Europe investing in rural areas
The Highland Council
The Scottish Government

Tom Forrest (Chairman) chair@wr-en.co.uk

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