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Harbour porposies (HP) need your help.

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Whale and Dolphin Conservation has been campaigning to get protection for HP for many years.
 Finally, the governments in England, Wales, N Ireland and Scotland are asking for your opinion on creating six
special areas in the UK where HP could be protected from dangers like fishing nets and pollution.
They need you to show your support for these sites to make sure they happen.
Don’t be shy like the harbour porpoise. Sign before the 3rd May if you want to protect this small but important chap. https://uk.whales.org/campaigns/hurry-let-uk-governments-know- you-want-safe-homes-for-harbour-porpoises
Go on - make a BIG fuss over little HP.
To see the full consultations, visit:

WREN would like to thank the following organisations for their support:
Scottish Natural Heritage
The European Agriculture fund for Rural Development. Europe investing in rural areas
The Highland Council
The Scottish Government

Tom Forrest (Chairman) chair@wr-en.co.uk

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