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Bird-wise, although the winter visitors haven't arrived yet, many summer visitors have already departed or are now doing so. Parent cuckoos left a couple of months ago (though young birds are still around: one was seen in Inverasdale on 5th September); the large flocks of swallows have passed through; and it can seem rather quiet by the shore now not to hear terns screeching or common sandpipers piping ...

However, this is just the time to keep eyes (and ears) open for passage migrants - usually Arctic breeders heading for warmer climes further south: for example, Gill Cameron saw these black-tailed godwits recently at Aultbea, and whimbrels (with their distinctive whinnying calls) have been heard passing Inverasdale at night.

Use the "Submit a Record" page to share information on what you're seeing or hearing, and we can then pass on the details to the appropriate local Recorder.

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